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8th Annual Cook-off

Winning Recipes :  Coco Prawns  |   Puna Spiced  |  Tofu Salad

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Keaau, Hawaii – Margie Hanselman, Wil Butkuwong, and the Panaroza Children won best in show at the 8th Annual Taste of Puna – Cook Off, held at Puna Fresh Foods at the Keaau Shopping Center.  The well-attended community event gave everyone the opportunity to share the wonderful tastes from Puna.  The major criteria judges were looking for were products grown or made in Puna. The projects purpose is to bring out the best from Puna’s diversified agricultural industry and Puna’s evolving culture.

In the non-professional division winners were: 1st place: Margie Hanselman-Coco Prawns, 2nd place - Cha Cha Inocincio – Puna Tamales with Salsa, and 3rd. Place -Victor Beardsley – Poorman's Cheese Cake.

Winners in the student division were: 1st place: Will Butkuwong - Puna Tofu Salad; 2nd place: Rosie Colon-Rice with Chicken, 3rd place - Crystal Lucas-Puna Chocolate Banana Rolls.  All three winners were from the Hawaii Community College – Food Service Program – Hilo.
The Penaroza children who entered for the second year in a row set up the exhibit that won the heart of Puna.  Their joy, happiness, and wonderful attitude won them a special honorable mention as follows: 1st Naikapaha Penaroza - Somen/Papaya Salad, 2nd place - Niana Penaroza - Papaya Tart, and 3rd place: Nikkole Penaroza-Chocolate Jelly Roll; and 4th place - Nakoa Penaroza - Mac/Nut Rice Krispies, Fudge Cake.

The “Taste of Puna” is a series of events promoting Puna’s unique talents and products.  Judges were Darin “DC” Carlson from B-97 Radio, Lee Harlow of Volcano House; Earl Kakugawa of Puna Fresh Foods; John Politano, of Charley’s Bar and Grill; Kimo Rabang of Luquin’s Mexican Restaurant, Tapu Taylor – Hawaii Naniloa Hotel, and Tom Smith formerly with the Yacht Club.

Business sponsors, exhibitors, and associates included the Keaau Shopping Center, Suisan Company, Pepsi-Cola, Meadow Gold Dairies, THY & Associates, Volcano Winery, Hilo Fish Company, Frank' Foods, Holly's Hawaiian Dressing, Tyson Chicken, Eight Point Distributors, Hagen-Dazz Corporation, Mama Mila Salsa and Joe Ropper. Assisting were the Puna Service Unit of the Girls Scouts of Hawaii.

Coordinators of the event were, Mark Nakamura, Rick Chalmers, Robert Keliihoomalu, Jr., Kanani Niles, Marvin Park, Earl Kakugawa, Janna Kaaua, Debra Rabang, Alex Fernandez, James Skyles, Andera Cuba, Lorraine Kobayashi, Glenn Arakawa, Valerie Ferrari, Malcolm Ono, Wes Pereira, and Jay Chalmers.

“Taste of Puna” is a registered trade name of Sure Save Super Market, Ltd.
Definition: Puna 1. n. Spring (of water)
Source:  Hawaiian Dictionary by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert
University Of Hawaii Press, Honolulu
Copyright 1986, 5th Edition