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Black Mushroom Chicken, Steamed Fresh Fish Fillet and Spicy Hot Garlic Eggplant

Black Mushroom Chicken
1/2 lb chicken breast 1 cup water 1 egg white corn-starch solution cooking oil 1/4 lb sliced bamboo shoot 1/4 lb black mushroom 1 cup stork chicken broth 1 tsp cooking wine (sauteme) 1 tsp soy sauce 1 tsp sesame oil 1 Tbs oyster sauce dash of salt dash of sugar Slice chicken breast and marinate with water, egg white, dash of corn-starch and cooking oil. Let stand for half an hour in a refrigerator (ideally over night). Put bamboo shoots in boiling water for 30 seconds and drain. Soak dry black mushroom in warm water for one hour, cut into 1 inch size pieces. Heat wok till hot (about 30 seconds), add 6 cups (2 ladles) of cooking oil and heat oil for 10 seconds. Add marinated chicken sliced, separate meat with a ladle for 5 seconds, then add black mushroom and bamboo shoots, stir for 10 seconds till oil starts to boil. Drain and keep leftover oil in the wok. Add chicken broth, cooking wine, oyster sauce, sesame oil and oyster sauce, salt and sugar into wok. Stir and add corn-starch solution to thicken the sauce. Add chicken, mushroom and bamboo shoots into the wok. Toss, stir and toss.

Steamed Fresh Fish Fillet
1 2 lbs fresh fish fillet (3/4 inch thick) 2 Tbs soy sauce (regular) 1 tsp soy sauce (dark) dash of sugar 1 tbs cooking wine cooking oil 1/2 oz shredded ginger GARNISH: green onion Chinese parsley Thaw, if necessary, slowly in running water (but not directly over the flesh) or by means of microwave* for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with fresh water and place on a plate. Heat water in a wok or pot suitable for steaming and bring to boil. Steam fish fillet for about 12-15 minutes; dump the murky fluid and transfer fish to a new plate. Place ginger and fresh green onion over the steamed fish; sprinkle sugar evenly , then add cooking wine, regular soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Heat 5 Tbs cooking oil to boiling in a wok, ladle about 2-3 Tbs and pour over fish from head to tail. Garnish with Chinese parsley and serve. * Via microwave, frozen product should be re-defrosted or thawed in at least 2 defrosting stages, i.e. defrosting half way, dipping in fresh water for 2O seconds.

Spicy Hot Garlic Eggplant
1 lb eggplant cooking oil 2 oz boneless minced pork 1 tsp minced garlic 1/2 oz dried chili pepper 1 Tbs cooking wine 1 tsp soy sauce green onions (cut into 20/2²pieces) 2 oz bamboo shoot 1 oz black fungus (dried) 1 oz straw mushroom 1 cup stock chicken broth dash of salt 1 Tbs sugar 1/2 tsp vinegar 1 Tbs corn-starch solution Partially peel skin off eggplant lengthwise (save some skin for firmness and color). Cut eggplant into 2 inch size strips and deep fry in hot (450oF) cooking oil for 2 minutes. Drain and set aside. Heat wok until hot (about 30 seconds); add 1 Tbs cooking oil; put minced pork, minced garlic and cut-up chili pepper into wok. Stir for 3 seconds. Add cooking wine, soy sauce, 10 pieces chopped green onions, bamboo shoots, black fungus and straw mushrooms into wok. Stir and toss several times. Add chicken broth, salt, sugar and vinegar. Stir and toss a couple of times and simmer for about 1 minute till boiling. Add 10 pieces of green onion, then add corn-starch solution to thicken the broth. Stir and toss. Enjoy!