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Chicken Crunch Breading

Yield: a lexan full 24 bags Captain Crunch (2 lb, 2 oz each) 44 lbs Corn Flakes Crumbs Place cereal through HOBART MIXER on the fine grating blade on speed no. 1, catch crumbs in "A" n Lexan. Alternate, for every 1/2 bag of Cap'n Crunch, add one pound of corn flakes. Continue until all batches are done. Cover, label, and date. Store at room temperature. Note: There will be no chunks in the mixture.

Seasoned Flour for Breading Chicken Tenders

50 lbs flour 7 lbs granulated onion 7 1/2 lbs granulated garlic 3 3/4 lbs ground black pepper Mix well in HOBART MIXER with the paddle on speed no. 1.

Breading Chicken Tenders

Ensure a clean and proper work space. Obtain required amount of chicken tenders from cooler (do not take too much out at one time, you do not want to promote bacteria growth.) Have a six inch pan with one gallon seasoned flour on the prep table. Have a six inch pan of egg wash ready on the table next to the flour (use 6 cups pasteurized eggs to one gallon of milk for wash). Also, place a four inch perforated pan inside on product. Place two handfuls of chicken tenders into the flour. Move them around being sure to coat all the tenders (do not squish the tenders). Shake off excess flour and dip into egg wash, being sure to coat all the tenders. Lift the tenders out of the egg wash, then put in the Cap'n Crush breading. Move the tenders around in the Cap'n Crunch and shake off excess. Place the breaded tenders into a 2 inch pan lined with wax paper, one layer at a time (try to line pan upas tight as possible, but do not overlap tenders). Cover each layer with wax paper. Stock three layers to a pan (any more creates too much weight and tenders become wet). Cover, label and date.