Sure Save


Mango Cobbler

1 cup Sugar
1 cup Butter
2 3/4 cup Flour
3 Tbl Brown Sugar
2 Tbl Flour
1 Tbl + 2 tsp Cinnamon
4 large Mangoes, diced

In a mixing bowl, mix sugar and butter on low setting until creamy. Add flour slowly, preferably in parts, mixing well until slightly crumbly and moistened (do not over mix.) In another bowl, stir together brown sugar, flour and cinnamon. Sprinkle powder over diced mangoes until coated evenly. Spoon mangoes into ramekins that are placed on top of a metal baking sheet. Take cobbler crust (the crumbly mixture) and sprinkle over the top of the mango dishes and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees until the tops turn a golden brown. Mmmm!


Summer Fruit Glass

2 (14 oz) cans of Coconut Milk
1/2 cup Water
1/4 cup Butter
1 1/2 cup Sugar
1 cup Cornstarch
1 cup Water
3 cup Fresh Summer Fruits (any choice), diced

In a medium pot bring coconut milk, water, butter and sugar to a boil. In a separate bowl mix cornstarch and water and add to boiling pot. Make sure to whisk the mixture as you add the cornstarch and water mixture Bring to a boil again. Turn off the heat and stir mixture until it has thickened. Spread the haupia mixture into a baking pan and spread out evenly to about a 1 inch layer. Place pan in the refrigerator to cool off and harden. Once firm, take the pan out of the refrigerator and slice the prepared haupia into small squares. Scoop out several squares and place into the bottom of a serving glass or bowl. Take turns layering diced fruit and haupia on top of each other. Top with whipped cream and/or a mint leaf if desired and serve.