Sure Save


Sam Choy's Big Aloha Fried Poke Wrap

1, 12" Taro flavored flour tortilla
4 oz wasabi mayo
1 cup fried rice
5 oz fried poke
4 oz creamy oriental dressing
2 oz shredded greens

Optional: Sam Choy's Big Aloha Beer

Quickly fry poke in a wok. Marinate with beer to taste. Layer shredded greens, fried rice, and poke onto the tortilla wrap. Add dressing and wasabi mayo to taste. Roll tortilla wrap and eat!  


Island Style Hoagie

4 assorted sausages
1 onion, julienne
1 red bell pepper, julienne
1 yellow bell pepper, julienne
1 cup dijon mustard
2 Tbs Sam Choy's Big Aloha Beer
6 Hoagie Buns

Slice and cook sausages in a saute pan. Saute peppers and onions. Set aside. Mix beer with mustard. Layer sausages and peppers on a halved hoagie roll, drizzle with mustard mixture. Enjoy!