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Art of Making Loco Moco

Traditional Loco Moco:
1 - 2 lbs Ground Beef
1/4 c Onion, chopped
1/4 c Celery, chopped
2 eggs
1/4 c Bread Crumbs
Salt & Pepper
2 t shoyu

Ready on the side:
Caramelized Onions, julienned

Mix all ingredients of traditional loco moco in a large bowl until moist but not too soft. If too soft, add more beef or bread crumbs. Form into round patties (makes about 3.) For traditional loco moco, add caramelized onions and chicken or beef stock in the pan when cooking patties.

For Portuguese sausage, spam and mahi mahi loco mocos, use sliced portions of either and use the following directions:

Cook choice of meat in well oiled pan until desired temperature is reached, preferably well done. Get serving plate/s ready with 1 - 2 scoops of rice in the center. Transfer meat on top of rice. Layer caramelized onions on top of rice, then choice of cooked eggs (e.g. scrambled, over-easy), then drizzle choice of sauce over the top (teriyaki, beef gravy, or beef/chicken stock from the pan of the traditional loco moco recipe above.) Serve.