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Seared Moi With Pea Shoot Salad

3 ea 4 oz Filets of Moi
Salt & Pepper
1/4 lb Fresh Spinach
1/4 lb Pea Shoots
1/4 Red Onion, diced
2 oz Sun Dried Tomato
1 T Garlic, minced
1 T shoyu
2 t Sugar 2 T wasabi Vinaigrette

wasabi Vinaigrette:
1 T wasabi Paste
6 oz Salad Oil
2 oz Balsamic Vinegar
2 oz Sugar
1 t Garlic, minced
Mix altogether to make vinaigrette

Season moi filets with salt and pepper. Place in a well-oiled wok or skillet skin down. Brown both sides and splash a bit of shoyu on top, then set aside. In a deep-dish plate or container, layer spinach, pea shoots, red onions, tomatoes, and garlic. Heat up a wok on high with some cooking oil and throw in salad ingredients from the plate by flipping it onto the wok so that the garlic cooks first. Make sure to keep some distance from the hot wok to avoid splattered oils. Drizzle over heated veggies with shoyu, sugar and wasabi vinaigrette. Stir together well and transfer to a serving plate with seared moi on top. If desired, may use a molding ring to stuff hot salad into for shaping before serving with moi.


Spicy Shrimp Guacomole

1 T Red Onion, chopped
2 T Sweet Corn Kernels
1 T Green Onion, sliced
8 pcs shrimp, grilled & diced
1/2 c Cucumber, diced
1/2 c Tomato, diced
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
1 Whole Avocado, diced

Mix together all listed ingredients in a bowl. Spoon atop a serving bowl or large margarita glass filled with cool Gazpacho (chilled tomato soup.) Serve.     


Island Style Chilled Tomato Soup (Gazpacho Soup)

3 ea Vine Ripened Tomatoes, skinless and seedless
3 oz Cucumber, diced
1 1/2 c Chicken Stock
1 t Garlic, minced
1 oz Onion, chopped
2 oz Tomato Juice
2 T Hawaiian chili pepper water
Salt & Pepper
2 t Worcestershire Sauce
1 T Cilantro, chopped

In a blender, throw in tomatoes, cucumber, chicken stock, garlic and onions. Blend. Add tomato juice, chili pepper water and some salt and pepper. Blend again for a few seconds. Pour mixture in a large bowl and top off with worcestershire sauce and cilantro. Set aside in the refrigerator. Serve chilled with Spicy Shrimp Guacomole.