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Luau and Taro Shrimp Shumai on Kauai Mixed Greens with a Thai Red Curry poi Vinaigrette

One package won ton wrappers
One cup luau leaf, cooked
One quarter cup diced taro, cooked
Twelve pieces of sixteen to twenty tiger or Kauai shrimp
One teaspoon ginger chopped fine
One teaspoon fish sauce
Pepper to taste
Kauai Mixed Greens

poi Vinaigrette:
One teaspoon red Thai curry paste
One tablespoon brown sugar
One tablespoon fish sauce
One teaspoon garlic
One teaspoon lemon grass
One teaspoon soy sauce
One quarter cup salad oil
Three tablespoons poi


Black sesame seeds
Crispy shoe string taro (deep fried)

Boil luau leaves and taro separately. Cool off and dice taro, rinse luau leaves and drain. Saute luau leaves, taro, ginger, and garlic, add fish sauce and pepper. Lay out won ton wrappers and place one teaspoon of luau stuffing on wrappers. Add raw shrimp to the luau mix wit the tail up. Wrap like shumai with the shrimp tail sticking out of the wrappers. Steam for eight to ten minutes.


Whip all ingredients together, except oil. Slowly add oil into mixture, mixing well at the same time.

Arrange mixed greens on plate, place shumai in the center of the greens. Drizzle poi vinaigrette across shumai. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds and garnish with crispy taro strings. 


Squid Luau with a Taro Patch Twist

One box calamari
One tray Longanisa sausage (remove casing)
One diced onion
One teaspoon garlic minced
One teaspoon oyster sauce
One teaspoon harm ha
One teaspoon brown sugar
One quarter of a cup of coconut milk
Ten pieces dry opa'e
Two cups luau leaf, cooked
Two cups taro stems, cooked
One egg white

Mix together longanisa suasage meat, onion, egg white, ginger, garlic and luau leaf in a bowl. Stuff itno cleaned clamari. Stir fry in hot wok until almost cooked. Add dry opa'e and taro stems and stir fry for three minutes. Add harm-ha, oyster sauce, brown sugar, and coconut milk. Cook until everything comes together and sauce thickens a little. Serve on rice