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New Age Amaebi Nigiri Poke “Where’s Da Rice?”

Ingredients: (yield 6 pounds)

Four pounds Molakai Amaebi

For “Where’s Da Rice?” mousse:

Two punds Kahuku Shrimp cleaned and shelled
One-third package Hawaii Tofu
One Maui Onion peeled and minced
One quarter cup of Limukohu finely chopped
Two tablespoons Enoki Mushroom cleaned and cut
One half cup Kahuku Corn
One cup Heavy Cream
One half piece Unagi Kabayaki skinned and cut in strips
Two pieces Soft-shell crab (prime size)
One Ripe Avacado
Two ounce fresh ginger peeled and julienne
Two large eggs
One cup Panko
Four cloves garlic grated
Black pepper to taste
Four ounces of Aloha shoyu
Four ounces Sugar

For the toppings:
Ikura as toping
Masago as toping
One quarter cup of scallions minced and rinsed
One half piece Japanese Cucumber diced small
Fresh wasabi grated

For Aloha Mayonnaise:

Eight ounces Best Food Mayonnaise
One and a half ounce Aloha shoyu
Two ounce Mirin
Two cloves Garlic
Black Pepper to taste
Eight ounce Hawaiian Kine One Drizzle Sauce

Dust Soft-Shell crab with flour and deep fry at 350 degrees until crispy.
Cut soft-shell crab in strips and set aside.
Detach Amaebi head from body. Dust with flour and deep-fry and 350 degrees until crispy. Set aside and use as garnish.

Shell the Amaebi and butterfly and clean.
Keep cold in the refrigerator.

For “Where’s Da Rice” mousse:
In a food processor, puree Kahuku Shrimp and Tofu and with machine running add Heavy cream, then transfer to a large bowl.

Add Maui Onion, Enoki mushroom, Kahuku corn, Inamona, Limu kohu eggs, Panko, Aloha shoyu, Sugar, Garlic, Black Pepper, and mix well.

Spread plastic wrap on the work surface.
Spread this mixture over the plastic wrap (8”X8”)
Place Soft-shell crab, Unagi Kabayaki strips, Avocado strips and needle ginger in the middle.
Make a roll like maki sushi (One and one half inch diameter) using the plastic wrap.
Steam mousse roll with plastic wrap for fifteen minutes or until firm.
Keep cold in the refrigerator.

For Aloha Mayonaise:
In a bowl, combine Aloha shoyu, Mirin, Mayonaise, Garlic, Black pepper and mix well.

Using a sharp knife cut “Where’s Da Rice” mousse in one half inch thick pieces.
On a large plate place “Where’s Da Rice” mousse.
Daub Aloha Mayonaise on the mousse.
Daub Sriracha Hot Sauce on the mousse
Place Amaebi on the mousse
Drizzle with Hawaiian Kine Ono drizzle sauce
Top the Amaebi with Ikura, Masago, Japanese Cucumber, Scallions and Fresh
wasabi to complete Amaebi Nigiri Poke
Use amaebi head and Pickled Finger as garnish
Serve at once