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Grilled Marinated Shrimp with Aloha Soy Drizzle, Mango Salsa and Soba Noodles

For the Shrimp:

3 Hawaiian Shrimp
One tablespoon grapeseed oil or canola oil
Salt and Togarashi Chili

For the Drizzle

Three ounce Aloha soy sauce
One cup plum wine
Two thirds cup simple syrup

For the Mango Salsa:
One half peeled and diced mango
One tablespoon chopped cilantro
One quarter teaspoon chopped red Anaheim or Jalepeno Peppers
One tabelspoon lime juice
One quarter tablespoon chopped red onions

For the noodles:
Four ounces Soba "Buckwheat " Noodles
Salt to taste

First in a small saucepan, combine all ingredients of Aloha Soy Drizzle, bring to boil and quickly lower heat, simmering until reduced to syrupy consistency. Remove from heat and set aside.

Second combine all ingredients of mango salsa and set aside for one half hour. Third in a small pot bring water to boil, place salt and noodles in water and cook until al dente, strain.

Third in a small pot bring water to boil, place salt and noodles in water and cook until al dente, strain.

Season shrimp with oil, salt & chili.  Grill shrimp until done.  Set the grilled shrimp on a bed of soba noodles.  Garnish with mango salsa and drizzle with Aloha shoyu drizzle.


Pulehu Flank Steak with Dad’s Sunday Potatoes and Nalo Greens with a Kona Prange Vinigrette

One and one half pounds Flank Steak


One Lemon (juiced)
Three quarter cups of Aloha shoyu soy sauce
Three tablespoons vegetable oil
Two and one half teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
Two cloves garlic (grated)
One tablespoon of Sambal olek (prepared chili sauce)
One green onion (chopped)
Two Sprigs Dill Weed
One half teaspoon Celery Seed


Mix all marinade ingredients in a large pan or dish. Place Steak in and marinate for a minimum of two hours overnight in refrigerator for best results. Grill steak over medium to medium high heat until your suitable temperature is achieved-approximately five minutes on each side will achieve a rare temperature. Take off from heat and let stand for approximately five to eight minutes before slicing. This will allow the meat to relax and redistribute the juices into the interior of the steak. Slice steak across the grain; preferably at a forty five degree cut.

Dad’s Sunday Potatoes


Two large russet potatoes
Four tablespoons salad oil
Salt and pepper to taste


Wash and peel potatoes. Slice potatoes lengthwise one quarter of an inch. Heat oil in a large skillet to medium heat. Pat dry the potatoes with a paper towel until completely dry. Place the potatoes in the heated oil and let cook until each side is golden brown and you can poke a fork in with ease. Remove potatoes from skillet and drain on a paper towel. Season with salt and pepper immediately after removing from heat.

Kona Orange Vinigrette

Two cups Kona orange juice (freshly squeezed)
One half cup of rice vinegar
Two shallots minced
Two tabelspoons dijon mustard
One teaspoon each of grated ginger and garlic
One cup extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
One and one half teaspoon of granulated sugar


In a saucepan bring the orange juice to a boil, bring down the heat to a medium and reduce the orange juice by fifty percent. When done, set aside and let cool. In a mixing bowl add the reduced orange juice, rice vinegar, shallots, dijion mustard and the ginger and garlic. Slowly drizzle the olive oil into the mixture while stirring briskly with a wire whip. Mix until all the olive oil has incorporated and seasoned to your liking. Pour over your favorite greens or salad.