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Kalua Ham Hash

Eight to ten red potatoes
One and three quarters cup of cream
Two tablespoons of butter
Large onion half
Three cups Kalua Ham chopped

Cook and mash potatoes and add cream and stir thoroughly. In a large saucepan sauté butter and onion, and add ham to cook until desired doneness.

Fold ham in with potatoes and stir. Shape your ham hash into a small palm size ball and roll in panko and fry in a pan until golden brown.

Kalua Ham

Eight lb Ham
Four Tablespoon liquid smoke
Four Tablespoon Hawaiian salt
Eight to Twelve large ti leaves, ribs removed

Preheat oven to three hundred and fifty. After scoring ham on all sides with quarter-inch deep slits about an inch apart, rub with salt, then liquid smoke. Wrap the ham completely in ti leaves, tie with string, and wrap in foil.

Place meat in a shallow roasting pan with two cups of water and roast for four hours.

Dissolve one teaspoon Hawaiian salt in two cups boiling water and add a few drops of liquid smoke. Shred the cooked pork and let stand in this solution for a few minutes before serving.

Dill Cream Sauce

One tablespoon minced shallots
One tablespoon butter
One half cup white wine
Two cups heavy cream
One tablespoon fresh dill, minced (or one half teaspoon , dried dill leaves)
Salt and pepper to taste

In a small saucepan, saute shallots in butter and wine eight minutes. Add cream, bring to boil to a boil and reduce by half. Stir in dill and season with salt and pepper. 


Guava Glazed Salmon

Guava Concentrate One and one half cups
Sake one half cup
Brown sugar one eighth of a cup
Mint, chopped
Chili-Garlic Sauce One and one half teaspoon
Salt to taste
Salmon Fillets three ounces

Combine the first six ingredients and blend well. Add Salmon and marinate for forty five minutes. Remove Salmon from marinade, reserve marinade. Heat saute pan and saute Salmon until done, about four minutes on each side. Brush with reserved marinade. 


Chinatown Duck Breast

three quarters of a cup Rice Vinegar
One and one half teaspoons shoyu
One and one half teaspoon Water
One quarter cup Honey
Two teaspoon Chinese five powder
two teaspoons Ginger minced
two teaspoons Green onion, minced
Duck Breast four pieces

Combine first seven ingredients and blend well. Add Duck Breast and rub well with marinade. Marinate over night.
Remove Duck Breast from marinade, reserve excess marinade. Heat saute pan and sear duck breast on both sides. Brush Duck Breast with reserved marinade. Preheat oven to three hundred and fifty degrees and finish duck, about eight to ten minutes. Brush with reserved marinade to give a nice glaze.