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Stir Fried Noodles with Island Vegetables

Serves 4
Julienne the following into small strips:
1 Medium carrot
1 Medium onion
1 Medium red bell pepper
1 Medium zucchini (outer portion only)
1 Medium yellow squash (outer portion only)
1 Each Stalk celery
To taste Chives or green onions
2 Oz Ginger, fresh
1 Oz Garlic, fresh
3 Oz shoyu
1 Oz Oyster sauce
12 Oz Chow mein noodles

In a wok heat sesame and peanut oil. Add all vegetables and mix until hot. Add garlic, ginger, shoyu, oyster sauce, noodles, green onions and chives. Cook until hot and mixed through.     


Pan Seared Fresh Pacific Onaga Filet

4 Each 46 oz boneless Onaga filets
1 Cup Flour seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder
2 Oz Peanut oil
Peanut and sesame oils for sauté

Pre-heat wok on medium-high. Add 1 oz Peanut oil, followed by the julienne vegetables. Sauté very quickly. Add chives (green onions), ginger, and garlic. Add chow mien noodles.

Deglaze with shoyu and oyster sauce.
Pre-heat sauté pan on medium-high. Lightly dust Onga fillets with seasoned flour.
Add Peanut oil to sauté pan. Sear Onaga to golden brown on both sides.
Place Onaga on top of stir-fry mixture. Drizzle with Lemon Cilantro Butter (recipe follows)
Lemon Cilantro Butter
1 Cup Sherry
1 Bunch Cilantro, separated into stems and leaves
1 Oz Lemon juice
1 Oz Shallots
To taste Salt and Pepper
Reduce to ¼ cup. Whisk in 4 oz butter and 1 oz lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add chopped cilantro leaves. 


Corn Bread Pudding

4 Ounces Milk
4 Ounces Half and Half
½ Ounce Sugar
2 Each Eggs (whole)
¼ Teaspoon Salt
2 Ounces Cornbread (cut into small cubes)
2 Ounces Brioche (cut into small cubes)
½ Each Fresh Ear of Corn (off the cob)
1 Tablespoon Butter
Pinch Cayenne Pepper
Dash Tabasco
1 Table spoon Chopped Chive and Parsley
4 Each Soufflé Cups or molds

In a medium sauté pan heat butter and sauté the corn. After the corn is slightly tender fold in the cornbread and brioche and mix well. Add the milk and the half and half bring cook slightly and take off stove. Put mixture in a small bowl and fold in eggs. Add the sugar, Tabasco, cayenne and herbs. Oil the molds and bake in a water bath at a oven until set. About 30-40 minutes. 


Smoked Apple Chutney

4 Each Pork Tenderloin 10 oz
4 Each Corn Bread Pudding
8 Tablespoons Pork Jus
2 Cup Waimea Haricot Verts
1 Cup Smoked Apple Chutney