Sure Save


Banana Pancakes

Use your favorite pancake batter for this.
4 cups of prepared pancake batter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 Tablespoons melted butter

Fold in:
1 cup medium diced fresh banana
Grill until air bubbles do not collapse and turn once.


Pork Hash Loco Moco w/ Sneaky Fried Rice

Pork Hash:
2 cups diced slow roasted pork butt (pork butt crusted with garlic, Hawaiian salt, and black pepper) slow roasted at 300 degrees for 4-5 hours or until fork tender.
4 cups boiled potatoes, lightly smashed
½ cup green onions, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix and form patties. Pan fry until golden brown and crispy.

Sneaky Fried Rice:
½ cup diced Portuguese sausage
¼ cup diced bacon
¼ cup diced round onion
¼ cup green onion
¼ cup small diced carrot

Sautè all of the above and add 4 cups cooked brown rice (refrigerated and separated) oyster sauce, shoyu, and siracha chile sauce to taste.

Assemble with the fried rice on the bottom with the hash on top. Drizzle some of Your favorite brown gravy recipe and top it off with an easy over or sunny side up egg. Add your roast pork hash and eggs with the fried rice.