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Spicy Island Style Poke Salad

"Sam Poke" airing on Saturday, 09/25/10 at 6:30pm on KHNL

Spicy Island Style Poke Salad

    Olive oil
    Ginger- chopped
    Garlic- minced
    Brown sugar
    Teriyaki sauce
    Hot peppers

In a pan, add olive oil, chopped ginger, garlic, brown sugar, a little Aloha shoyu, and Aloha teriyaki sauce…..simmer on low heat until flavors are blended….add chili peppers for heat.  Set aside and cool.

    Mahimahi- cubed
    Salt and pepper
    Olive oil
    Red bell peppers- chopped
    Green onions- chopped
    Rainbow onions- mixture of chopped red, white and Spanish onions
    Red chili sauce
    Sesame seed oil
    Lime juic

In a bowl, cubed mahimahi, salt and pepper and toss.  Add olive oil and mix.  Add sweet red peppers, green onions, red, white and Spanish onions, chili sauce, sesame seed oil, and toss.  Add lime juice and toss.  Add cooled sauce/dressing and toss.

Add mixed greens on top or on the side to make into a poke salad.  Drizzle left over sauce/dressing on mixed greens. Optional- add crispy won ton strips or chips on top.


Costa Rican Poke

"Sam Poke" airing on Saturday, 09/25/10 at 6:30pm on KHNL

Ahi – cut into cubes

  • Shoyu
  • Sesame seed oil
  • Sriracha chili sauce
  • Sambal chili paste
  • Cayenne chili pepper powder
  • Sweet onions- chopped
  • Green onions- chopped
  • Ogo (seaweed)
  • Mayonnaise
  • Iceberg lettuce

Mixed the above ingredients, then add mayonnaise and serve with finely chopped lettuce and topped with crispy fried wonton chips.